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Payment Methodology

Ngày đăng: 26/09/2017 - Đăng bởi: keytek

Payment Methodology

You receive the service now, but pay later. Internet banking «Alfa-Click» is a modern, convenient and sensible resolution for banking companies and on-line payments with most velocity and safety. The customer independently redirects to the bank website to finish all of the payment steps required by paying the invoice or sending the SMS to the financial institution. The following is the example of a callback for a buy order declined as a outcome of inadequate funds on customer account.

The bank service sends the payment outcome notification to the payment platform. URL, put together and display the directions to the client, and get the callback with the payment end result from the payment platform. The full sequences and particularities of the acquisition processes are provided under. The following is the instance of a callback with an information about profitable a hundred,00 RUB buy through the use of account quantity account1 made by the customer in the 386 project.

Beware of those criminals and scammers. I am not affiliated to any signal channel, anyone person or any firm in anyway.

«Alfa-Click» receives awards and takes the lead by a variety of Russian and international score companies. We are very happy that one of the most authoritative worldwide financial on-line assets has acknowledged the leadership of our Internet bank. But, we’re not going to relaxation on the laurels, after all”, — said Vladimir Urbansky, Head of e-Business at Alfa-Bank.

The following is the callback fragment containing the redirection information. The fee instruction is generated and exhibited to the customer on net service. The customer is redirected to the product proprietor’s web service. Alfa-Click Fx Signals PhotoThey copied my outcomes and different info, and re promoting my alerts.

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